Fingerprint Ring Facts and FAQ's


Hand Engraving 

Exquisitely engraved in the finest details by expert tradesmen in the heart of London’s renowned Hatton Garden.

Every line and letter patiently crafted by hand using traditional techniques to create the ultimate in bespoke jewellery.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraved rings are engraved by machine using any pattern, font or image.  
The engraving produces a deeper, darker and very modern engraved effect.  Lines are crisp, defined, blackened and highly detailed.

Fingerprint Ring Sizes

Ladies fingerprint  rings are typically 4mm bands in sizes J - Q.  
Men’s fingerprint  rings are 6mm in sizes R - Z.

We always send out a set of sample rings to 100% confirm the size of your finger before your actual ring is made.

Once you are happy with your ring size, we then make a ‘blank’ wedding ring - not yet engraved.
We send this to you for one final fitting to ensure that your ring is perfect before any engraving or stone setting takes place.  

Fingerprint Ring Re-sizing
Every care is taken to ensure that your ring is a perfect fit before any engraving takes place.  Prior to engraving, all personalized fingerprint rings can be re-sized.
It is very important to note that once engraved, it is not always possible to re-size a ring, so it is crucial that you are happy with the fit.
Re-sizing a ring often involves cutting the ring and this would spoil the engravings.
We cannot re-size Titanium laser engraved rings I any way because of the nature of the precious metal.
There are several things that can effect the way a ring fits on your finger, including certain medical conditions, pregnancy or if your hands are hot or cold.
Once your ring has been engraved and completed, if you have an issue with sizing, we will endeavour to rectify this or you if at all possible.  There will be an additional re-sizing cost associated with this of £50.

Bespoke Jewellery and Fingerprint Rings
Bespoke rings are made for individual customers.  They are made to accommodate unique fingerprints of various shapes and size.  Customised text will also vary in style, font and length  
Fingerprint quality between different individuals  will also differ depending on many factors, including age..  
If we do not feel that the fingerprint submitted is suitable, we will inform you immediately.
All of these things  will  alter the look of the final ring.
It is also important to note that where gemstones, semi-precious stones and pearls are selected, these may also vary in colour, size and shape.
This means that pieces will inevitably vary slightly from the photographed images seen on our website.  
This should be noted and expected.  

Why will my Ring take 6 - 8 weeks ?
Every fingerprint pendant and charm is created using traditional techniques of carving, casting, engraving, stone setting, polishing and hallmarking.

At each stage, your pendant & charm is completed by the relevant expert.  This is a lengthy process and it is not possible for us to “speed it up”  or to provide an express service when producing these quality pieces.

We believe that everything we make for our clients is worth the wait.

How will you take my fingerprint impression ?
We will send you a single ink fingerprint impression kit when you order, which includes 1 sheet of polyester film, coated with a think layer of  skin safe ink and 1 sheet of Fingerprint Impression card.
This is a quick and easy way of taking fingerprints.
Simply peel apart the film strips to expose the fingerprinting ink, roll your preferred thumb or finger on the strip to transfer a layer of ink over the entire surface, then touch the card provided lightly, carefully & only once to produce your print.
Any inky  residue remaining on the finger is simply  removed by rubbing the fingers together.

Can you use existing prints?

Existing hand prints and footprints taken using ink, or in other ways are usually fine as long as the impression taken is clear and defined.  We will let you know immediately if the impression is unsuitable.
We would never use a fingerprint impression that we do not consider detailed enough to add to precious metal and would always recommend re-taking the fingerprint is necessary.

Will you return my fingerprint impressions?

We will return all fingerprint, hand print and footprint impressions to clients who would like them.

Are you able to print children?

We do not recommend fingerprinting infants below the age of 10 months,  as before this, we find that their prints have not fully developed and you will find no detail.  Ink printing is often not successful before the age of 3 years.
We will always send you a ink fingerprinting kit to see if you can get a successful print.  If the print is not clear enough,  we can simply try again at a later date for no additional charge.
Please note that we are also able to engrave hand prints and footprints onto rings for young infants with undefined prints.  This process is suitable from birth.

Is there an upper age limit for engraved fingerprint rings?

Although there is no upper age limit for fingerprint, a persons skin elasticity does decrease with age and fingerprint ridges can become less prominent, leading to prints looking smeared.
This can also occur in people working in occupations where there is a lot of wear on their hands, and in people with certain medical conditions.  We recommend that you submit you prints so that we can test how well they will translate onto a ring.