Copyright for Sophia Alexander Gold Fingerprint Jewellery




All images shown on the Sophia Alexander Fingerprint Jewellery website and in other company literature / marketing materials, are for your information only and are protected by UK copyright law.

You are not permitted to copy, publish, download, display or redistribute these images, or any other part of the Sophia Alexander UK website for any purpose other than legitimate use related to the company.

Infringement of this would lead us to take civil action to seek damages.

Many designs that can be purchased on the Sophia Alexander Fingerprint Jewellery website will resemble those seen on other websites selling similar items of jewellery.

We consider some items Signature, Bespoke or Unique designs to our company, where fingerprint jewellery, handprint jewellery, footprint jewellery, handwriting jewellery and personalised gifts are concerned.

Although we would never intentionally set out to plagiarise the work of other companies, jewellers or designers, we cannot be held responsible for work completed by persons unknown to ourselves.

Please see our “Jewellery Facts” page & our “Terms and Conditions" page for more information