Gold & Silver Fingerprint Jewellery Guarantee


Each keepsake and piece of jewellery created by Sophia Alexander is individually  made by skilled craftsmen and women.

They are all hand made and not “manufactured” in any way.

At Sophia Alexander we guarantee the quality of our castings, craftmanship and the quality of the precious metals and other components used.


Please note that due to the bespoke nature of each piece, variations in size and the surface appearance of the precious metals may occur and should be expected.

Each piece of jewellery is hand carved from wax and is solid cast at approximately 2mm thick via the traditional lost wax process.  

Fingerprint pendants and charms  often have large flat surfaces and tiny casting imperfections may be apparent, particularly on the reverse.
This is the nature of casting such large, flat pieces and should be expected in hand made fingerprint jewellery.

Fingerprints themselves will not be polished as jewellery polishing tends to be harsh and will remove the print.   

For this reason, although we will often engrave or “frost” the reverse of pendants and charms, we cannot add a second print, or make “double-sided” items.  Pieces would simply be too thick.

Jewellery is made to accommodate fingerprints of various shapes and sizes, and text of varying lengths which will all alter the look of the final piece.

The quality of the fingerprint taken will also add to this.

If we do not feel that the fingerprint submitted is suitable, we will inform you immediately.

It is also important to note that where gemstones, semi-precious stones and pearls are selected, these may also vary in colour, size and shape.

This means that pieces will inevitably vary slightly from the photographed images seen on the Sophia Alexander web site.  

Therefore, unless there is a production fault, we do not accept returns on these completely bespoke items and do not offer any sort of refund.

If, in the very unlikely event that you find a problem with any piece of jewellery created by Sophia Alexander, please inform our customer care team within 7 days of receipt. If this were to happen, we would of course immediately restore your piece.  Customer service is of utmost importance to us.

If this were to happen, you should return the item in the same condition that you received it, in suitable packaging to avoid damage in transit and with suitable postal insurance.

Please note, that all items of jewellery are fully photographed prior to shipping to protect us from foul play.

It is our clients own responsibility to clean and store items of jewellery correctly and to check all attached chains and attachments for wear & tear.

Please refer to our Fingerprint Jewellery Facts page and our Terms & Conditions page.