Sophia Alexander Gold Fingerprint Jewellery Gift Wrap

At Sophia Alexander, we believe that your beautiful personalised fingerprint jewellery deserves to be perfectly packaged.

Each piece of Sophia Alexander jewellery comes presented in a genuine wooden jewellery box with a beautiful, shimmering metallic paint finish, a streamlined, modern silhouette and a white leatherette interior.

We carefully wrap all jewellery boxes in a simple metallic gift box, tied with a beautifully designed Sophia Alexander lilac chiffon ribbon.

Each piece comes with a gift card, which we will personalise and add to your gift, or, if you would prefer, we will leave this blank for you to add the details yourself.

For those customers who wish to see a gift before it is given, we provide the option of sending the jewellery directly to you with the bespoke ribbon untied, so that you can look over the piece before adding the ribbon yourself.